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March 05, 2006 8:48 PM EST [Link]:

Apparently MBA blogging is so, like, 2005; now there's a website set up for MBA Podcasting... Prediction: the first MBA video blog appears sometime in July ~ September of this year...
The first 2010 blog

Lots of additions to check out...

Added per your suggestions:
Jeff (Brandeis University) Haas Blog (Haas (UC Berkeley)) Andrei (HBS) Harvard Dream (HBS) B-School Ethics (McCombs (Texas)) MBA Aspirant (Wharton) George (IESE) Noelle Goes to Barcelona (IESE) Auris INSEAD (Insead) Why Stop Here? (London Business School) Life of Steve (McGill MBA Japan)
Business School in Cyberspace

January 14, 2006 9:07 AM EST [Link]:

Many thanks to MasterNewMedia.org for mentioning the MBA League in its article "MBA Admission Process: Wiki-Based Clear-Admit Has The Insider View".

January 09, 2006 10:02 PM EST [Link]:

Added per your suggestions:
Stanford Life (Stanford GSB) B-School Wannabe MBA to ? My MBA (mis)Adventures.

January 06, 2006 12:27 AM EST [Link]:

Happy New Year 2006! And for those of you in the midst of round 1 decisions, good luck!

There were lots of interesting links left in my inbox, including a memoir about MBA life, Canada's PR push (the quotations reminding everyone that Canada "is a first world country" and that Canadians are "much more in tune with the rest of the world than are their southern neighbor" were especially nice touches), and a new (?) blog on Business Week about MBA admissions.

Added per your suggestions:
BaylorMBA (Baylor University) Katahdin (Columbia) In my mind I'm goin' to Carolina (Kenan-Flagler (UNC)) James Kelm (Sloan (MIT)) Tom blogs (Sloan (MIT)) Dolphin Lady (Stanford GSB) Oyeme (Stern (NYU)) Chris Howard (U. of Washington) Le Optimiste Par Nature (Insead) Chronicles from my Life @ MBS (Manchester Business School), and many, many more.

November 11, 2005 7:09 PM EST [Link]:

I see that the Wharton RSS feeds have disappeared since the summer. I'll have to look around and see if I can figure out another way to post feeds there.

7:04 PM EST [Link]:

After a nice four month hiatus, I've begun going through the inbox and adding all the new MBA-related blogs. There's a plethora of '09 applicants raring to write about their experiences, and plenty of Chicago, Wharton, Texas, Ross, students to tell the true story of MBA life. Hope to keep this site more updated going forward.

Here's a new inbox to keep up with all the URLs.

July 08, 2005 10:39 AM EST [Link]:

A lot of interesting additions to the directory, highlighted in gold.

I'm not sure where this Stern 2006's summer internship blog fits in the directory, but it contains some gorgeous landscape photography from the American west that's worth checking out. AdLova looks to be an interesting read on advertising, written by an XLRI '96 alum. Duke MBA ('92) and PhD ('99) alum, and Sloan strategy professor Starling David Hunter will soon be starting at the American University of Sharjah (www.aus.edu) in the United Arab Emirates. Plus a bunch of Stanford and Chicago GSB additions.

Added per your suggestions:
UCLA MBA (Anderson) Babson MBA (Babson University) The Business of America is Business (Fuqua) Richard Upton (Santa Clara U.) GSB 2007 (Stanford GSB) Hugging Trees (Stanford GSB) Duke Kim (Stern (NYU)) Death Spiral (Insead)Kedro (Judge Institute of Management (Cambridge)) KV (London Business School) Kisalaya's blog (IIM Ahmedabad).

June 08, 2005 8:04 AM EST [Link]:

Corrected "London School of Business" to "London Business School". Also added the very first Danish-language MBA blog to the mix, MBA Blog fra INSEAD. Velkommen!

June 07, 2005 2:42 PM EST [Link]:

I've corrected the problem with the school headings. Also added a few more new blogs; perhaps the most interesting are the blogs by Wharton alums Laura Bennet (writing about the burgeoning pet insurance industry) and Christian B Schraga (providing a note of caution about the value of an MBA).


Added per your suggestions:
Tangible Insanity (Chicago GSB) Laura Bennett (Wharton) MBA Caveat Emptor (Wharton) Looking Outside the Inside Anand Rao The Brazilian Guy

June 03, 2005 8:46 AM EST [Link]:

I see that some of the school headings on the directory got messed up in the transition to the new design; that should be corrected by the weekend.

May 31, 2005 1:58 PM EST [Link]:

1. As I mentioned this morning, the site has been reorganized.
2. Now all student and alum blogs are grouped by school. This saves me the time of having to move graduated student blogs off to a separate alumni section.
3. I've migrated a bunch of the Class of 2007 applicants into the student section. I'm about halfway through this.
4. Goodbye, Megami.
5. Note that if you hover the mouse of the links, it will pop up some of the other information about the blog that used to take up space on the main page.
6. Per your suggestions, I added a ton of new MBA and applicant weblogs. To name a few:
Junior Bird (Marshall (USC)) MBWana (Stanford GSB) Joost Schreve (Stanford GSB) Kevin (U. of Wisconsin-Madison) Flatpoint MBA (Yale SOM) Le MBA (HEC Paris) MBA Life (Judge Institute of Management (Cambridge)) No Time to Waste! (Symbiosis Institute of International Business) Kacophony - The K Factor (XLRI) A Boy Can Dream Nivi's musings

6:56 AM EST [Link]:

Over the next couple days I'll be playing around with the format of this site. I'd like to make it a bit "denser", to get more of the information up at the top. I plan to integrate the alumni listing back into the main school/student listings. And rather than have the student and applicant sections in chronological order (so that the most recent class is at the bottom), I'll put the newest classes at the top.

None of these changes were necessary a year or two ago, when the list of MBA blogs was a couple dozen. Now, with a couple dozen weblogs per class, and with a bunch of "graduating" blogs, they've become necessary.

May 08, 2005 10:18 PM EST [Link]:

Added more updated from the Inbox, including MBizA, written by HBS and Sloan students (cats and dogs living together!); another 2009 applicant blog (the early bird gets the worm...but who wants to eat worms?); and more.

I plan to move all the Class of '07 applicants who will be attending school in the Fall to their respective sections, probably in early June. I'll move the Class of '05 students down to the alumni section, for those that don't take down their weblogs after graduation.

May 04, 2005 9:21 AM EST [Link]:

Added per your suggestions:
Want to be an Entrepreneur (Acton) MBA Peregrinations (Chicago GSB) Absurds (HBS) EMC (Johnson (Cornell)) Philip Carey (Stern (NYU)) Kita's MBA (Tepper (CMU)) Karibu (London School of Business) AMP Treatise (CEIBS (China Europe International Business School)) Aditya's Online diary (Symbiosis Institute of International Business) MBA in Australia (University of South Australia)

April 25, 2005 7:46 AM EST [Link]:

Spring Cleanup Done
Blogs that haven't been updated in the past month or so are now marked as inactive (grayed out). Blogs that have been taken down were moved to the "Defunct" list.

Added per your suggestions:
Alator's Adventures (Chicago GSB) McLeod Factor (Chicago GSB)

April 24, 2005 11:51 AM EST [Link]:

I've slightly updated the directory layout, to make it easier to use. Applicant blogs are more clearly broken out by matriculation year. Newly added blogs are in bold. Sites that don't seem to be regularly updated are grayed out.

9:33 AM EST [Link]:

Added per your suggestions:
Ilana's Blog (Sloan (MIT)) Around the Dot (London School of Business) I, The Absolute (Indian School of Business) nomad(i) (SP Jain Institute of Management) Namaste MBA Dream? TheFamilyGuy Delisle

April 22, 2005 9:49 AM EST [Link]:

I notice that a growing number of links are stale/outdated. I'll do the Spring (link) cleaning in the next two weeks, in order to weed out defunct blogs and de-emphasize the idle blogs. The next quarterly cleaning, in September, will move the applicant blogs to their respective schools of enrollment. In the meantime, I'll be looking at tweaking the directory design, in light of the explosive growth in the number of MBA weblogs.

Speaking of which, congratulations to all the applicants who've tasted success this season!

April 05, 2005 6:50 AM EST [Link]:

Added per your suggestions:
Chicago Economics (Chicago GSB) Daniel's MBA Online (WP Carey (ASU)) 07MBA4ME 22yr Old MBA Applicant Divine Miss N Hamtastic Jewell Snake MarketWizWannabe.

March 21, 2005 8:07 PM EST [Link]:

Added per your suggestions:
Robbie (Sloan (MIT)) ufo01 (U. of St. Thomas) Gavin Shearer (U. of Washington) Experiences at Cranfield (Cranfield) Vanajas (IIM Kozhikode) Bloghorn8 HammerMBA MBA Europe John Galt.

Of particular note was this post by Gavin Shearer on interning as a Product Planner for Microsoft.


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MBA Weblogs - Americas
Acton - '06 Want to be an Entrepreneur
Anderson - '07 Days of Whine and Neurosis
Anderson - '07 UCLA MBA
Anderson - '06 Akira Toda
Anderson - '06 Naveen
Babson College F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business - '07 Babson MBA
Baylor University - '?? BaylorMBA
Brandeis University - '07 Jeff
Carlson (Minnesota) - '05 HR Tomorrow
Chicago GSB - '07 Alator's Adventures
Chicago GSB - '07 Bloghorn8
Chicago GSB - '07 Dipthong
Chicago GSB - '07 Dirty Canuck
Chicago GSB - '07 MBA Peregrinations
Chicago GSB - '07 McLeod Factor
Chicago GSB - '07 PowerYogi
Chicago GSB - '07 Tangible Insanity
Chicago GSB - '07 WakeChic
Chicago GSB - '06 Chicago Economics
Chicago GSB - '06 Daily Travails
Chicago GSB - '06 GSB Mennonite
Chicago GSB - '05 MBA News
Chicago GSB - '?? Steve Shu
Columbia - '08 AxeChick
Columbia - '08 Electrizze
Columbia - '08 Katahdin
Columbia - '07 Columbia Live
Columbia - '07 Dr. Martini
Columbia - '07 DrooDoggie
Columbia - '07 Margarita Luvr
Columbia - '06 Deeuniverse's Weblog
Columbia - '06 Surviving Hermes
Darden - '06 Beau Giles
Darden - '06 MBAswami
Fuqua - '07 Atta Girl
Fuqua - '07 Fuqua Days
Fuqua - '07 Simba
Fuqua - '06 Harry Potter's MBA Musings
Fuqua - '05 Giles
Fuqua - '92 Business of America is Business
Georgetown - '06 sahara1283
Georgetown - '05 Tonehide
Haas (UC Berkeley) - '08 Haas Blog
HBS - '07 Absurds
HBS - '07 Andrei
HBS - '07 Code Red HBS
HBS - '07 Harvard Dream
HBS - '06 Mark & Jie
HBS - '06 Will Hsu
HBS - '05 DR Blog
HBS - '?? Polylogue's Cabin
HBS + Sloan - '07 MBizA
HEC (Montreal) - '?? Anonymous
Johnson (Cornell) - '07 ClassyNFun
Johnson (Cornell) - '07 EMC
Johnson (Cornell) - '06 JD
Johnson (Cornell) - '06 oldman2011
Kellogg - '07 Majalo
Kellogg - '06 BAGI's MBA
Kellogg - '06 Hakuhomasahiko
Kenan-Flagler (UNC) - '07 In my mind I'm goin' to Carolina
Marshall (USC) - '06 Junior Bird
Marshall (USC) - '06 Marshall Takeaways
Marshall (USC) - '05 54 Monkeys
Marshall (USC) - '05 Neener
McCombs (Texas) - '07 B-School Ethics
McCombs (Texas) - '07 MBA Houston
McCombs (Texas) - '07 Metal's MBA
NC State - '06 Peter
Owen (Vanderbilt) - '06 Absolute Vodka
Purdue - '05 hono73
Rice - '07 MBA Story @ Rice
Ross (Michigan) - '07 Ben Dehghan's MBA Blog
Ross (Michigan) - '07 Hawkeye
Ross (Michigan) - '07 Where's Nate?
Ross (Michigan) - '06 TechieDude
Ross (Michigan) - '06 TonoTono
Ross (Michigan) - '06 Yoda Luke
Ross (Michigan) - '05 Zachary Emig
Santa Clara U. - '07 Thyaga
Santa Clara U. - '05 Kaleem Aziz
Santa Clara U. - '05 Richard Upton
Simon School of Business - '06 Pablo
Sloan (MIT) - '07 Ilana's Blog
Sloan (MIT) - '07 Integrative Stream
Sloan (MIT) - '07 James Kelm
Sloan (MIT) - '07 Megatrond
Sloan (MIT) - '07 Tom blogs
Sloan (MIT) - '06 Boston
Sloan (MIT) - '06 Robbie
Sloan (MIT) - '06 Yoav
SMU Cox - '06 SMU Cox MBA
Stanford GSB - '07 Cali MBA
Stanford GSB - '07 Dolphin Lady
Stanford GSB - '07 GSB 2007
Stanford GSB - '07 Hugging Trees
Stanford GSB - '07 Lady Rattler
Stanford GSB - '07 MBWana
Stanford GSB - '07 Stanford Life
Stanford GSB - '06 GSB Girl's Diary
Stanford GSB - '06 Joost Schreve
Stanford GSB - '06 Marquis
Stanford GSB - '06 VC MBA
Stanford GSB - '06 What Did I Get Today?
Stern (NYU) - '08 Oyeme
Stern (NYU) - '07 Duke Kim
Stern (NYU) - '07 Jersey Dude
Stern (NYU) - '07 Jewell Snake
Stern (NYU) - '07 Philip Carey
Stern (NYU) - '06 Life at 44 West 4th
Tepper (CMU) - '07 Kita's MBA
Tepper (CMU) - '05 kntmr
Tuck - '07 Vold
Tuck - '06 Anonymous
Tuck - '06 Damali Rhett
Tuck - '06 Hanover Times
Tuck - '06 Tagad Tale
U. of St. Thomas - '06 ufo01
U. of Washington - '05 Gavin Shearer
U. of Wisconsin-Madison - '07 Kevin
U. of Wisconsin-Madison - '07 MarketWizWannabe
University of Florida - '08 Florida MBA
University of Utah - '07 Utah MBA
Western Illinois University - '06 Dean Roberts
Wharton - '08 MBA Aspirant
Wharton - '07 Brit Chick
Wharton - '07 bskewl
Wharton - '07 Hamtastic
Wharton - '07 IceMan07
Wharton - '07 MBA Hermit
Wharton - '07 Panda
Wharton - '06 Catherine
Wharton - '06 Dmitry
Wharton - '06 Future MBA Girl
Wharton - '06 Hella
Wharton - '06 Jeamish
Wharton - '06 JP Holland
Wharton - '06 Ryan's Hope
Wharton - '05 Aileen Tang
Wharton - '05 Charles
Wharton - '05 Helen Chiang
Wharton - '05 Vele
Wharton - '05 Zornzita
Wharton - '04 Simeon Wallis
Wharton - '03 Laura Bennett
Wharton - '02 MBA Caveat Emptor
WP Carey (ASU) - '07 Daniel's MBA Online
Yale SOM - '07 Flatpoint MBA
Yale SOM - '06 Luvshack

MBA Weblogs - Europe
Cranfield - '05 Stuff Explained
Cranfield - '?? Experiences at Cranfield
EM Lyon - '03 MBA '03 Class Team Blog
HEC Paris - '06 Le MBA
HEC Paris - '05 FishWok
Henley Management College - '?? MBA Mountain Club
IESE - '07 George
IESE - '07 IESE MBA 2007
IESE - '07 Noelle Goes to Barcelona
IESE - '07 Zapa
IMD - '08 mbafarbe
Insead - '06 Auris INSEAD
Insead - '06 Death Spiral
Insead - '06 Insead MBA
Insead - '06 Le Optimiste Par Nature
Insead - '06 MBA Blog fra INSEAD
Insead - '06 Oli's World Tour
Insead - '05 Willy Nilly
Insead - '04 Finance Monkey
Insead - '04 Tinbus
Insead - '03 Lucky Goldstar
Insituto de Empresa - '04 ReLiNCHoS
Judge Institute of Management (Cambridge) - '06 MBA Life
Judge Institute of Management (Cambridge) - '05 Jason Cook
Judge Institute of Management (Cambridge) - '05 Jen's MBA Blog
Judge Institute of Management (Cambridge) - '05 Kedro
Judge Institute of Management (Cambridge) - '05 Max
Judge Institute of Management (Cambridge) - '04 KS Rajesh
London Business School - '08 MBA Blog THIS
London Business School - '08 Why Stop Here?
London Business School - '07 Al Martine
London Business School - '07 Divine Miss N
London Business School - '07 Fiftysense
London Business School - '07 Future Guru
London Business School - '07 KV
London Business School - '07 MBA Europe
London Business School - '06 Around the Dot
London Business School - '06 Karibu
London Business School - '05 Nicolas
Manchester Business School - '07 Chronicles from my Life @ MBS
Netherlands Business School - '?? Nagai
Open University Business School - '?? Oliver Thylmann
Pforzheim, Germany - '?? EuroRoss
Rotterdam School of Management - '05 Robert
Rotterdam School of Management - '05 Stefan
Said Business School (Oxford) - '03 Martin Lloyd
Tanaka (Empirial College London) - '05 Paul M. Cray
UCD Smurfit - '07 EuroMBA

MBA Weblogs - Asia & Australia
CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) - '07 AMP Treatise
ICFAI - '05 Subrahmanyam
ICFAI Business School - '?? As the days go by…
IIM Ahmedebad - '07 Inebriato Sans Alcoholo
IIM Ahmedebad - '06 Kisalaya's blog
IIM Ahmedebad - '06 Suhas
IIM Ahmedebad - '?? Sidin
IIM Bangalore - '07 illusionaire
IIM Bangalore - '06 Boomerang Returns
IIM Bangalore - '?? AJ
IIM Bangalore - '?? V
IIM Calcutta - '06 Calvin Says
IIM Calcutta - '06 my dayz with myself
IIM Calcutta - '?? Aravind P
IIM Indore - '06 Govar
IIM Indore - '06 Jam
IIM Indore - '06 Modus Indoramus
IIM Indore - '05 I say. So I am.
IIM Kozhikode - '03 Vanajas
IIM Lucknow - '05 Aniruddha Marathe
IIM Lucknow - '05 Venkatachalam
IMI Dehli - '06 John Ivan
IMI India - '06 Saikat
Indian School of Business - '06 I, The Absolute
Indian School of Business - '04 Ramki
Indian School of Business - '?? Raja
Indian School of Business - '?? Ravi
McGill MBA Japan - '08 Life of Steve
MDI, Gurgaon - '06 Me and My Solitude
Melbourne School of Business - '06 Demirage
Melbourne School of Business - '06 Dr. MBA
Melbourne School of Business - '03 Adrian Hind
Nanyang Business School - '06 Cerebral Shangrila
Nanyang Business School - '06 The Carp
National University of Singapore - '07 Zador
National University of Singapore - '06 NUS MBA
SP Jain Institute of Management - '07 nomad(i)
SP Jain Institute of Management - '06 Sameer
Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning - '06 Xyling Business Management Blog
Symbiosis Institute of International Business - '06 Aditya's Online diary
Symbiosis Institute of International Business - '06 No Time to Waste!
University of South Australia - '06 MBA in Australia
Xavier Institute of Management - '05 HighwayStar
XLRI - '07 Ashish Chandra
XLRI - '07 Kacophony - The K Factor
XLRI - '96 adlova

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